Nowadays, environmentally conscious thinking is gaining more and more prominence. The essence of this is that we try to lead a lifestyle that respects our environment, protects the natural treasures of the earth. Creppy is committed to protect our environment and considers it extremely important that our living space, the world around us, be healthier. To do this, we selectively collect waste and use energy-saving light bulbs in our pancake restaurants. It is now part of Creppy’s green philosophy that we can only find packaging materials that are 100% degradable in their units.

Creppy’s pancakes are made from the highest quality, premium ingredients, while also taking environmental awareness into the forefront of their major suppliers. It is important that they serve both the needs of the guests and the protection of the environment to the maximum in terms of their basic product, Creppy pancakes, their restaurant appearance, packaging and preparation process.

Creppy also stands out from the field with its environmental awareness, as it always does something different, does a little more than what we are used to from a restaurant.

But what are the efforts that the Creppy franchise network is making for sustainability?

Creppy's green philosophy

Selective waste collection, the use of energy-saving equipment and devices are of paramount importance in Creppy's units. Through the suppliers, large quantities of paper cartons arrive for packaging technology, which are sorted and then selectively transported to collection facilities, thus separating the recyclable from the municipal waste.

In addition to responsible waste management, Creppy also considers the use of energy-saving light bulbs important. Not only does this make overhead costs more friendly, but they also help protect the planet by using less energy.

Degradable packaging

The use of fully degradable, 100% compostable packaging materials has also been introduced in all Creppy restaurants.

“When choosing which packaging manufacturer we wanted to contract with, we kept in mind that we definitely want to work with environmentally friendly, degradable, quality packaging material. In addition to all this, an important aspect was the practicality of the packaging of our pancake dishes - that the pancakes fit well in the box, do not fall apart while the guest takes them home, and that the box does not change under the influence of heat. Last but not least, we also wanted good material feel and a clean, Creppy style. ” - said Réka Oszlánczi, the founder of Creppy Pancake House and Creppy Franchise.



Table culture and washroom hygiene

It is also very important for Creppy to show quality and precision in terms of table culture. However, it was also important for the procurement of napkins and cutlery pads that these tools come from a sustainable source.

In addition to table culture products, quality dispensers and hygiene products were also chosen in the washrooms. Each dispenser has been developed along a unique, economical philosophy in order to have the least impact on the environment. The hand towels and napkins in Creppy are EU Ecolabel certified, which means they are made from recycled fibers and cellulose from 100% sustainable forests.

 At Creppy, coffee is also environmentally firendly

In the name of sustainability, Creppy has voted in favor of the Puro Bio Coffee family, who are also committed to the so-called Fair Trade and the protection of our environment. This coffee brand dates back more than two centuries and, like Creppy, started from a family business in Belgium. Initially, the Michielsen family operated a grocery store selling exotic spices and teas, then 100 years later this family business was transformed into a roasting plant. Because the plant was located near the port of Antwerp, this allowed the coffee beans to reach the Miko roaster from all over the world.

In 2005, the family’s attention began to move towards protecting our planet, when Puro and with it a commitment to exploiting the Third World was born, ensuring fair purchase prices for producers, supporting the protection of rainforests and the species that inhabit them.


Green development in the future as well

This is the philosophy and approach that Creppy is following and wants to follow in the near future, as they have plenty of ideas and plans on how to make Creppy’s footprint even greener in the future.

There are many small steps, yet they sacrifice and pay attention to the environment, the protection of nature, thus signaling the importance of this to thousands of guests.

Creppy can be an example to follow with this approach, whether for other restaurants, businesses, or its guests. If we don’t throw trash on the street, if we collect garbage selectively, if we pay close attention, we can also insert a piece into the big jigsaw puzzle, lightening the burden on nature a bit.