Fan Club regulation

Crepe Fans can take discounts offered by Creppy Fan Club card, according to the regulations below:



You can registrate freely anytime at website. 



Creppy PalacsintaHáz Restaurant

Nr. 212. Mélyvölgy str., Miskolc, 3530-H 

Creppy PalacsintaCenter Event Center

Nr. 15. Mélyvölgy St., Miskolc, 3530-H



Immdiate discount

The usage of the card licenses to an immediate 10% crepe discount. This ensures the meal discount for not just crepe meals, but for all the meals represented on our a'la carte menu. Discount refers exclusively to the dishes performing in the Creppy's actual menu.

The discount cannot be combined with any other discounts, in the case of special offer guests can decide if they enforce the Fan Club discount or take the discount of the given special offer.

PaLunch discount

We ensure an extra discount to our lunch offer, the PaLunch, if you use the card. For further details you can visit PaLunch ebédmenü regulations.  



Collection of points

10 Creppy points are credited after each 1.000 forints spending on Creppy crepe dishes. The Creppy Fan Club card cannot be assignable, the points on it cannot be changed to cash. There's no point calculation at deposit payment, points are credited at the closing of the purchase. User can get information about Creppy points on the card on Creppy's website (

Application of Creppy points

Creppy points can be applied at Creppy units for special Creppy gifts.



Card validity

Creppy Fan Club card is the property of Creppy Franchise System Ltd., which is made avaliable for the User. The card can be useable for two years calculated from the last purchase. After the expiring of validity the discounts ensured by the Card will not be taken. 

E-mail notifications

We send e-mail notifications about events connected to Creppy. You can forsake the e-mails, if you click on the unsuscribe link in our e-mails, or personally in the Creppy unit. 

Data management

Creppy Franchise Ltd. informs its guests that the participation and supplying of data in Creppy Fan Club programme is voluntary.

The necessarry datas for validating the card are managed by Creppy Franchise System Ltd., further information are in the data management information. 

Malfunction or loss of card

The owner has the opportunity to change the card if it is damaged or loss.  Card change can be claimed at Creppy units after proving identity.  In case of card changing the discount can be claimed after 24 hours. 

Abolishment of Creppy Fan Club membership

Abolishment of Creppy Fan Club membership can be taken place any time, if Club member doesn't want to receive more discounts in the future, and recieve Creppy news. The abolishment of membership can be requested personally in Creppy PalacsintaHáz, if Creppy Fan Club card is given back. After giving up the card, Creppy points are reseted, and not assertable in the future.  


Creppy Franchise System Ltd. maintaint the right of issuing further client card types, which related regulations are determined in special contracts.