Creppy Story

Creppy is the brand of quality crepy gastronomy with a national reputation. We present the unique Creppy experience by our individual Creppy crepe meals, the special service and the supreme atmosphere. 

Creppy is the representative of the available, exacting gastronomy which has revoltuionised gastronomy by its guerilla methods and special crepe meals. 

Creppy restaurants are real culinary experience centers where crepe dishes enchant our guests. 



The individual gastronomical speciality presenter Creppy brand started from a family business from Miskolc 13 years ago. Owing to the success of the past years Creppy has developed to a successful franchise brand which is kept count of the 20 most promising frnachise conception of the world. 


Creppy PalacsintaHáz Miskolc

Creppy PalacsintaHáz has opened its gates first for almost 14 years and simultaneously Creppy brand has started its conquering expedition. The innovative restaurant is the proud owner of several national and international recognition, which resulted that it is kept to be among the best restaurants of Northern region of Hungary. It got into the 12 most emerging franchise conceptions of the world in Las Vegas /NE USA/ in 2019, and then it got one of the most perstigious award, the Weidlich Pál Commercial and Catering Award

With the revival of the restaurant the life has started to return to the romantic world of Kis-Avas in Miskolc, which resulted that locals and tourists could discover the real beauty and value of this area. The brand rejoicing highly national popularity has reached outshining every early expectations that toruists visiting Miskolc aim the town by reason of the unique crepes of Creppy.

Creppy is the unique representative of special crepe gastronomy on a restaurant level. It has been directing its unique gastronomic revolution since 2006 from the city of Miskolc, from the heart of the cellar world of Kis-Avas. It has acquired a national popularity because of the large number of permanently refreshing, special crepe dishes creating by individual recipes. The reason of it is the individual creppy experience. Creppy PalacsintaHáz is the basis of the protected Creppy brand, the presenter restarurant of the brand.  


Creppy PalacsintaCenter Miskolc

Known as the largest pancake center in Hungary, Creppy Center is nothing more than a multifunctional catering center. It functions as the newest and one of the most special event houses in the region, where we can make events suitable for up to 150 people, family and friends gatherings, business events in an exclusive environment with a unique crepe menu.

In addition, the Creppy Center also serves as the training and logistics center for the Creppy restaurant network, supporting our franchise partners as well as the production base of Creppy’s home delivery business.


Name behind the Brand: Oszlánczi Réka

The founder of the Hungarian franchise brand and the restaurant, Réka Oszlánczi, who in 2014 won the Special Hope of the Future award in the Young Entrepreneur of the Year category. Subsequently, he represented Hungary in the United States in 2016 as a successful young entrepreneur in Hungary, and in February 2019 he also participated in the annual congress of the International Franchise Association. He is currently the regional president of FIVOSZ in Northern Hungary.

“My main job is to operate the Creppy system-wide, similar to a juggling stunt, in which I spin multiple plates on sticks and keep everything moving to make the Creppy experience complete for guests. Our team of great professionals helps a lot in this ”- Réka Oszlánczi.